Make Amazing Video Notes

Now you can tag and store video notes by timestamps, while watching video on the same page.

Get Chrome Extension
Mark the video with timestamps so you can watch that one part over and over again, add your own title to stamps so you know exactly where to start!
Make lectures more understandable by including your own notes in the timestamp.
Bookmark your favorite moments.
All your stamped videos will be stored in the extension. You can easily search for your marked moments via the front page.

Based on efficiency

Quick access to notes and timestamps on the same page
  • Note-taking with timestamps
  • Categorise with tags
  • Full text search for video notes

Absolutely free.

This is gonna be free, forever, for you.

Click on our link and download from the chrome store, and install the extension.
Sign up.
Sign up for an account to make sure all your marked videos are saved to your extension.
Thats it! You can now use the extension. Start by marking your first timestamp in a video!
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